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We all are spiritual work in progress. 

Discipleship is just one of the many ways God can shape our lives into His image.

About Discipleship

At First Baptist Church, our discipleship series consists of 16 lessons which are designed to help you grow in your walk with the Lord. 

Subjects Covered

1. Salvation 

2. Security   

3. Baptism 

4. The Holy Spirit

5. Learning the Bible 

6. Prayer 

7. God’s will 

8. Church

9. Other Christians 

10. Stewardship 

11. Materialism 

12. Issues

13. Liberty in Christ 

14. Our job and employer 

15. Our world

16. Judgment seat of Christ

Everyone Needs an Encouraging Friend 

Each lesson is designed to help you grow. You can have a one on one mentor who will meet with you once a week as you explore together these wonderful truths. We have men meet with men and ladies with ladies.

Contact us at (319) 372-2089 or to learn more.
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